Similan Islands - February 2008

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Fan coral with little yellow fish at the dive site The Wall
JW-A620-20080205_4640.jpg (894 KB)

Brown tang>br>JW-A620-20080205_4642.jpg (764 KB)

Indian teardrop butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080205_4643.jpg (800 KB)

Coral grouper
JW-A620-20080205_4645.jpg (789 KB)

Fan coral
JW-A620-20080205_4651.jpg (566 KB)

Longnose filefish
JW-A620-20080205_4652.jpg (678 KB)

Longnose filefish
JW-A620-20080205_4654.jpg (727 KB)

Triangular butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080205_4655.jpg (413 KB)

Diana's hogfish
JW-A620-20080205_4657.jpg (1 MB)

Earspot blenny
JW-A620-20080205_4659.jpg (892 KB)

Red-tailed butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080205_4660.jpg (538 KB)

Juvenile african sand wrasse
JW-A620-20080205_4662.jpg (599 KB)

Juvenile african sand wrasse
JW-A620-20080205_4665.jpg (477 KB)

Juvenile african sand wrasse
JW-A620-20080205_4666.jpg (423 KB)

Juvenile african sand wrasse
JW-A620-20080205_4670.jpg (633 KB)

Red fire goby
JW-A620-20080205_4671.jpg (1 MB)

Male ribbon eel at the dive site Amongst The Rocks
JW-A620-20080205_4673.jpg (677 KB)

Male ribbon eel
JW-A620-20080205_4675.jpg (1 MB)

Red fire goby
JW-A620-20080205_4676.jpg (1 MB)

Purple fire gobies
JW-A620-20080205_4677.jpg (1 MB)

Juvenile african sand wrasse
JW-A620-20080205_4679.jpg (834 KB)

Juvenile african sand wrasse
JW-A620-20080205_4680.jpg (770 KB)

Blue-streak sleeper gobies
JW-A620-20080205_4685.jpg (1 MB)

JW-A620-20080205_4687.jpg (1014 KB)

JW-A620-20080205_4690.jpg (712 KB)

Klein's butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080205_4692.jpg (985 KB)

Western clownfish
JW-A650-20080205_0376.jpg (592 KB)

Western clownfish
JW-A650-20080205_0377.jpg (1 MB)

Male ribbon eel
JW-A650-20080205_0382.jpg (913 KB)

Purple fire goby
JW-A650-20080205_0385.jpg (797 KB)

Purple fire goby
JW-A650-20080205_0387.jpg (650 KB)

Juvenile indian sand wrasse
JW-A650-20080205_0399.jpg (543 KB)

JW-A650-20080205_0400.jpg (824 KB)

Feather stars
JW-A650-20080205_0401.jpg (831 KB)

Red-tailed butterflyfish
JW-A650-20080205_0402.jpg (497 KB)

Bigeye emperor
JW-A650-20080205_0403.jpg (325 KB)

JW-A650-20080205_0408.jpg (588 KB)

Leopard blenny
JW-A650-20080205_0409.jpg (687 KB)

Giant moray eel
JW-A650-20080205_0412.jpg (887 KB)

Clown triggerfish
JW-A650-20080205_0414.jpg (1 MB)

Clown triggerfish
JW-A650-20080205_0415.jpg (488 KB)

Clown triggerfish
JW-A650-20080205_0416.jpg (471 KB)

Clown triggerfish
JW-A650-20080205_0417.jpg (363 KB)

Red-tailed butterflyfish
JW-A650-20080205_0418.jpg (477 KB)

Red-tailed butterflyfish
JW-A650-20080205_0420.jpg (697 KB)

JW-A650-20080205_0422.jpg (734 KB)
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