Surin Islands - February 2008

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Twolined threadfin bream
JW-A620-20080202_4346.jpg (680 KB)

Andaman rabbitfish
JW-A620-20080202_4359.jpg (593 KB)

JW-A620-20080202_4360.jpg (1 MB)

Worted slug
JW-A620-20080202_4374.jpg (1 MB)

Ring angelfish
JW-A620-20080202_4387.jpg (1 MB)

Max the Rocketman and M/V Andaman
JW-A620-20080202_4389.JPG (437 KB)

Max & M/V Andaman again
JW-A620-20080202_4390.JPG (396 KB)

Ching the Divemaster going down
JW-A620-20080202_4391.JPG (428 KB)

Jesper the Pensive
JW-A620-20080202_4392.JPG (468 KB)

Jesper in deep blue
JW-A620-20080202_4393.jpg (252 KB)

More Jesper
JW-A620-20080202_4395.jpg (322 KB)

Giant green moray eel
JW-A620-20080202_4397.jpg (1 MB)

Halfmoon triggerfish
JW-A620-20080202_4406.jpg (1 MB)

Small fish
JW-A620-20080202_4417.jpg (1 MB)

More small fish
JW-A620-20080202_4418.jpg (1 MB)

JW-A620-20080202_4424.jpg (958 KB)

Tomato anemonefish
JW-A620-20080202_4434.jpg (513 KB)

Hard corals and little yellow damselfish
JW-A620-20080202_4436.jpg (647 KB)

Surin Island - post diving
JW-A620-20080202_4437.JPG (290 KB)

Max, Jesper, Ching and M/V Andaman
JW-A620-20080202_4438.JPG (331 KB)

Jette the Honourable Lady formerly known as ms Jet
JW-A650-20080202_0068.jpg (579 KB)

Humphead parrotfish
JW-A650-20080202_0069.jpg (322 KB)

Blacktip reefshark
JW-A650-20080202_0073.jpg (548 KB)

JW-A650-20080202_0074.jpg (460 KB)

Bluespotted stingray
JW-A650-20080202_0075.jpg (856 KB)

Giant triggerfish
JW-A650-20080202_0079.jpg (716 KB)

Harlequin sweetlips
JW-A650-20080202_0082.jpg (948 KB)

Indian cushion star fish
JW-A650-20080202_0086.jpg (822 KB)

Common lionfish
JW-A650-20080202_0089.jpg (659 KB)

Common lionfish and a nice coral
JW-A650-20080202_0090.jpg (850 KB)

Bluespotted stingray
JW-A650-20080202_0093.jpg (648 KB)

Breams and/or yellowtail wrasse
JW-A650-20080202_0095.jpg (805 KB)

Durban dancing shrimps and giant moray eel
JW-A650-20080202_0097.jpg (662 KB)

Painted spiny lobster
JW-A650-20080202_0099.jpg (664 KB)

JW-A650-20080202_0100.jpg (712 KB)

Ching, the Divemaster going down
JW-A650-20080202_0109.jpg (560 KB)

Jette, prospect Debelius
JW-A650-20080202_0110.jpg (452 KB)

Emperor angelfish
JW-A650-20080202_0112.jpg (568 KB)

Moorish idol
JW-A650-20080202_0115.jpg (522 KB)

Brownmarbled grouper
JW-A650-20080202_0116.jpg (734 KB)

Durban dancing shrimps and a damselfish
JW-A650-20080202_0119.jpg (668 KB)

JW-A650-20080202_0120.jpg (632 KB)

Solander's toby
JW-A650-20080202_0122.jpg (641 KB)

Whitebanded cleaner shrimps and misc
JW-A650-20080202_0124.jpg (716 KB)

Whitebanded cleaner shrimp
JW-A650-20080202_0125.jpg (532 KB)

Faceshot of halfmoon triggerfish
JW-A650-20080202_0134.jpg (1 MB)

Halfmoon triggerfish
JW-A650-20080202_0135.jpg (740 KB)

Yellowstripe goatfish
JW-A650-20080202_0139.jpg (646 KB)

Tomato anemonefish
JW-A650-20080202_0145.jpg (715 KB)

Clark's anemonefish in a blue anemone
JW-A650-20080202_0146.jpg (609 KB)

Tomato anemonefish
JW-A650-20080202_0147.jpg (620 KB)

Foursaddle grouper
JW-A650-20080202_0150.jpg (741 KB)

Ching playing with his sausage
JW-A650-20080202_0151.jpg (397 KB)

Giant puffer
JW-A650-20080202_0155.jpg (597 KB)

M/V Andaman
JW-A650-20080202_0158.jpg (364 KB)

Jette - post diving
JW-A650-20080202_0160.jpg (412 KB)
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