Similan Islands - February 2008

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Bluespotted stingray
JW-A620-20080222_5298.jpg (559 KB)

Leopard shark from behind
JW-A620-20080222_5299.jpg (409 KB)

Smith's toby
JW-A620-20080222_5301.jpg (1 MB)

Believe it or not - longnose hawkfish
JW-A620-20080222_5303.jpg (894 KB)

Longnose hawkfish
JW-A620-20080222_5304.jpg (742 KB)

Longnose hawkfish
JW-A620-20080222_5305.jpg (793 KB)

White-banded cleaner shrimp
JW-A620-20080222_5306.jpg (1 MB)

Squaretail grouper
JW-A620-20080222_5310.jpg (665 KB)

Brown tang
JW-A620-20080222_5312.jpg (875 KB)

Meyer's butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080222_5315.jpg (1 MB)

Longnose butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080222_5316.jpg (785 KB)

Longnose butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080222_5317.jpg (752 KB)

JW-A620-20080222_5318.jpg (613 KB)

Andaman rabbitfish
JW-A620-20080222_5320.jpg (910 KB)

Solander's toby
JW-A650-20080222_1159.jpg (545 KB)

Bluespotted stingray
JW-A650-20080222_1161.jpg (895 KB)

Leopard shark
JW-A650-20080222_1162.jpg (581 KB)

Leopard shark
JW-A650-20080222_1163.jpg (724 KB)

Smith's toby
JW-A650-20080222_1165.jpg (620 KB)

Longnose hawkfish
JW-A650-20080222_1167.jpg (1 MB)

Bicolour parrotfish
JW-A650-20080222_1173.jpg (625 KB)

Bicolour parrotfish
JW-A650-20080222_1175.jpg (709 KB)

JW-A650-20080222_1177.jpg (803 KB)

JW-A650-20080222_1178.jpg (482 KB)
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