Similan, Nangnuan Tour
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Box fish.
joj-20021124-00990.jpg (871 KB)
Giant moray eel.
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Giant moray eel with boxer shrimp.
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Bumpheaded parrotfish (1+ m).
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Bumpheaded parrotfish.
joj-20021124-01001.jpg (808 KB)
Giant moray eel.
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joj-20021124-01010.jpg (709 KB)
Giant trigger fish.
joj-20021124-01012.jpg (842 KB)
Guido and Ina from Germany.
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joj-20021124-01045.jpg (910 KB)
The divers.
joj-20021124-01054.jpg (816 KB)
The divemasters from Sea Dragon.
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