Similan, Nangnuan Tour
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First dive on the tour - Koh bon. Manta Ray!
joj-20021122-00920.jpg (634 KB)
Manta Ray.
joj-20021122-00923.jpg (624 KB)
Manta Ray.
joj-20021122-00924.jpg (640 KB)
Manta Ray.
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joj-20021122-00931.jpg (864 KB)
joj-20021122-00936.jpg (906 KB)
Porcupine fish.
joj-20021122-00937.jpg (867 KB)
joj-20021122-00938.jpg (870 KB)
Two bluespotted stingrays.
joj-20021123-00946.jpg (892 KB)
Bluespotted stingray.
joj-20021123-00947.jpg (882 KB)
Star fish.
joj-20021123-00948.jpg (836 KB)
Trumpet fish.
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