Similan, Andaman Tour
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Juvenile batfish in coral.
joj-20030123-02049.jpg (839 KB)
Diving is great!
joj-20030123-02050.jpg (651 KB)
Giant moray eel.
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joj-20030123-02056.jpg (905 KB)
Giant moray eel.
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joj-20030123-02065.jpg (646 KB)
Ribbon eel at Ko Chi.
joj-20030123-02067.jpg (822 KB)
Ribbon eel.
joj-20030123-02068.jpg (906 KB)
Ribbon eel.
joj-20030123-02069.jpg (881 KB)
Ribbon eel.
joj-20030123-02070.jpg (896 KB)
Poor picture quality, but now there are TWO ribbon eels!
joj-20030123-02072.jpg (886 KB)
Once again poor quality, but rare thornback boxfish.
joj-20030123-02074.jpg (897 KB)
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