Similan, Andaman Tour
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Yet another safety stop. John on a background of fish.
joj-20030123-02030.jpg (757 KB)
Lisa is OK on a beautyful morning after a perfect dive at Surin.
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The dive boat - Andaman.
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Surin Island - Natiaonal park AND tropical paradise.
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More Surin.
joj-20030123-02037.jpg (888 KB)
Surin... and ME.
joj-20030123-02038.jpg (746 KB)
More Surin.
joj-20030123-02039.jpg (908 KB)
Salvatore and Michael admiring Cat (or a hermit crab ;o)
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joj-20030123-02045.jpg (863 KB)
Juvenile batfish in coral.
joj-20030123-02046.jpg (879 KB)
Juvenile batfish in coral.
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Juvenile batfish in coral.
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