Similan & Surin - March 2005

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The dive site "Amongst the Rocks" - still at #6. The dive with the coldest thermoclines anywhere in Thailand! Ever!!!
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This must be THE place to hang out around here - no fish anywhere else but on top of this table coral???
joj-20050315-06948.jpg (291 KB)
Same - black pyramid butterflyfish all over.
joj-20050315-06950.jpg (296 KB)
Small anglerfish.
joj-20050315-06955.jpg (294 KB)
The same small anglerfish - this time using the flash (I'm using it - not the anglerfish).
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Some of the amazing rock structures on this dive.
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2 cowries.
joj-20050316-06982.jpg (260 KB)
Oriental sweetlips - they're all struggling to get in front while I'm taking the picture.
joj-20050316-06985.jpg (278 KB)
Abundance of fuiliers at the "Elephant Head Rock" dives site at Similan #7.
joj-20050316-06986.jpg (200 KB)
Giraf grouper. (OK - maybe not, but I don't know the name of this grouper...)
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And again.
joj-20050316-06988.jpg (223 KB)
Sweetlips of some kind.
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Big snapper.
joj-20050316-06994.jpg (86 KB)
Swimming giant moray eel.
joj-20050316-06995.jpg (281 KB)
Rabbitfish cleaning up. The last dive on this trip. No manta rays at Koh Bon this time...
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