Similan & Surin - March 2005

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The dive site "The Wall" at Koh Paja/Similan #6. Fusiliers.
joj-20050315-06912.jpg (128 KB)
Orangespine unicornfish.
joj-20050315-06913.jpg (302 KB)
Garden eels.
joj-20050315-06914.jpg (212 KB)
Yellowback fusiliers.
joj-20050315-06916.jpg (298 KB)
Redtailed butterflyfish. I know... No red tail this time...
joj-20050315-06918.jpg (329 KB)
Coral scenery.
joj-20050315-06919.jpg (326 KB)
Indian triggerfish.
joj-20050315-06922.jpg (395 KB)
Don't hide.
joj-20050315-06923.jpg (227 KB)
Laura, my British buddy - not hiding :o)
joj-20050315-06926.jpg (158 KB)
Our divemaster, 'Lani, on the entire trip.
joj-20050315-06927.jpg (172 KB)
Feather stars.
joj-20050315-06929.jpg (333 KB)
Nice corals.
joj-20050315-06931.jpg (293 KB)
Laura again.
joj-20050315-06934.jpg (146 KB)
Wendy and Harm.
joj-20050315-06935.jpg (167 KB)
'Lani at the 5 m safety stop. I'm sorry - but your legs are simply too long for this photo...
joj-20050315-06936.jpg (167 KB)
Similan paradise.
joj-20050315-06938.jpg (220 KB)
Opposite direction.
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