Similan & Surin - March 2005

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Tadaaaahhh! Dive number 250! At Koh Bangh/Similan #9 Dive site "Three trees". First shot - a couple of Kuhl's stingrays.
joj-20050315-06884.jpg (161 KB)
Stingray again.
joj-20050315-06885.jpg (203 KB)
joj-20050315-06886.jpg (128 KB)
Whitetip shark.
joj-20050315-06887.jpg (161 KB)
Oriental sweetlips.
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joj-20050315-06890.jpg (374 KB)
Scribbled filefish with bite marks.
joj-20050315-06892.jpg (212 KB)
Very pretty scorpionfish.
joj-20050315-06894.jpg (352 KB)
Diana's Hogfish.
joj-20050315-06895.jpg (303 KB)
Redtailed butterflyfish.
joj-20050315-06896.jpg (290 KB)
Redtailed butterflyfish again.
joj-20050315-06897.jpg (278 KB)
Andaman sweetlips.
joj-20050315-06898.jpg (302 KB)
Java rabbitfish.
joj-20050315-06899.jpg (144 KB)
Unknown (to me), but colourful fish at 1 m of water.
joj-20050315-06900.jpg (256 KB)
And again.
joj-20050315-06907.jpg (303 KB)
And again.
joj-20050315-06908.jpg (219 KB)
Some rabbitfish. I'm still snorkling...
joj-20050315-06909.jpg (258 KB)
And again.
joj-20050315-06910.jpg (268 KB)
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