Similan & Surin - March 2005

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Andaman Sweetlips at the dive site Batfish Rock.
joj-20050314-06860.jpg (340 KB)
Giant moray eel.
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Redtooth triggerfish getting cleaned. Notice that it's leaning backwards in the water for the cleaning.
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Redtooth triggerfish still in the shower.
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And again.
joj-20050314-06864.jpg (341 KB)
Brownmarbled grouper.
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Java rabbitfish.
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Java rabbitfish.
joj-20050314-06867.jpg (355 KB)
Bluefin trevally.
joj-20050314-06870.jpg (108 KB)
Yellowfin mackerel.
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Whitespotted boxfish.
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Juvenile emperor angelfish.
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