Similan & Surin - March 2005

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Yellow thorny seahorse at 29 m at Richelieu Rock.
joj-20050314-06819.jpg (295 KB)
The seahorse again. The poor bastard should move around a bit to avoid some of the dive crowds...
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A bit of everything.
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Dublin dancing shrimps.
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Banded boxershrimps among sea urchins.
joj-20050314-06826.jpg (304 KB)
Cleaner pipefish. And I got a nice fire coral burn when looking for another cleaner pipefish close by. And I didn't even see it...
joj-20050314-06828.jpg (310 KB)
Hmmm... Well, it IS an octopus!
joj-20050314-06831.jpg (310 KB)
Many many manylined fusilier.
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BIG hovering grouper.
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Two porcupinefish - one with suckerfish.
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Lionfish in open water.
joj-20050314-06841.jpg (165 KB)
Small cube boxfish.
joj-20050314-06843.jpg (290 KB)
Juvenile emperor angelfish.
joj-20050314-06844.jpg (317 KB)
And again - the move sooooo much.
joj-20050314-06845.jpg (236 KB)
Tomato anemonefish.
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Laura and 'Lani after the last dive at Richelieu Rock.
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Wendy, Harm, the Andaman and Laura again.
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