Similan & Surin - March 2005

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Surin Island, Mokken Bay dive site... Slug... So I didn't start this liveaboard trip with a manta ray...
joj-20050313-06774.jpg (290 KB)
Juvenile batfish.
joj-20050313-06776.jpg (234 KB)
Corals - and Rip butterflyfish in center.
joj-20050313-06777.jpg (354 KB)
More corals - and another (unknown) butterflyfish.
joj-20050313-06778.jpg (295 KB)
Two soldierfish.
joj-20050313-06779.jpg (268 KB)
Table corals and a couple of unicornfish in the background.
Nice that these table corals have survived the tsunami on December 26th 2004.
So many broken table corals everywhere else around Surin and the Similans. Such a pity...

joj-20050313-06780.jpg (240 KB)
Surin Island.
joj-20050313-06783.jpg (293 KB)
Me on Surin Island. The same photo as two years earlier on last M/V Andaman liveaboard tour.
joj-20050313-06784.jpg (175 KB)
The remaining reservation exhibition area after the tsunami.
joj-20050313-06786.jpg (402 KB)
Redtooth triggerfish.
joj-20050313-06787.jpg (381 KB)
Tail-spot dart goby.
joj-20050313-06789.jpg (384 KB)
Shark. Whitetip.
joj-20050313-06792.jpg (108 KB)
It's the one with the scar. It's apparently always hanging around this dive site - the South East Rocks at Koh Turinla.
joj-20050313-06793.jpg (85 KB)
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