Sharm El Sheikh - June 2004

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Stingray garden - visibility is really poor... 8-10 m. Bannerfish.
joj-20040608-05784.jpg (1 MB)
Bannerfish in a haze.
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Redtooth triggerfish.
joj-20040608-05788.jpg (2 MB)
Michael is going for the bottle since we're unable to find the big Napoleonfish that SHOULD stay around here...
joj-20040608-05789.jpg (1 MB)
Back at the Jackfish Alley dive site. Entering the cave at 5 m.
joj-20040608-05790.jpg (1 MB)
Light and bubbles.
joj-20040608-05791.jpg (1 MB)
Christian coming out of the cave.
joj-20040608-05797.jpg (2 MB)
Scribbled filefish.
joj-20040608-05801.jpg (979 KB)
joj-20040608-05802.jpg (1 MB)
Blackspotted grunt (OR Oriental sweetlips?)
joj-20040608-05805.jpg (1 MB)
Bigeye emperorfish.
joj-20040608-05808.jpg (2 MB)
Hmmm... MAYBE sleek unicornfish?
joj-20040608-05811.jpg (2 MB)
Same fish with Michael and Hassan in the background.
joj-20040608-05813.jpg (2 MB)
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