Sharm El Sheikh - June 2004

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Bluespotted stingray 'hiding'.
joj-20040607-05738.jpg (2 MB)
Nice corals.
joj-20040607-05740.jpg (1 MB)
Napoleon wrasse.
joj-20040607-05741.jpg (1 MB)
Coral abundance.
joj-20040607-05742.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040607-05743.jpg (2 MB)
Arabian angelfish eating upside-down.
joj-20040607-05744.jpg (1 MB)
Same fish back to normal.
joj-20040607-05745.jpg (1 MB)
Angelfish again.
joj-20040607-05747.jpg (1 MB)
Corals and glass fish... - and what's that out there?
joj-20040607-05748.jpg (1 MB)
Turtle heading this way.
joj-20040607-05749.jpg (1 MB)
Coming closer.
joj-20040607-05750.jpg (1 MB)
And closer. Will I be HIT by a turtle??? At least it's not the size of a Volkswagen ;o)
joj-20040607-05751.jpg (1 MB)
Phew... It's turning - giving me a profile shot instead.
joj-20040607-05752.jpg (1 MB)
And again.
joj-20040607-05753.jpg (1 MB)
And again.
joj-20040607-05754.jpg (2 MB)
Pretty little fish.
joj-20040607-05758.jpg (1 MB)
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