Sharm El Sheikh - June 2004

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Woodhouse reef - a fish...
joj-20040607-05717.jpg (1 MB)
Fan coral.
joj-20040607-05718.jpg (2 MB)
Oil barrels from a wreck.
joj-20040607-05720.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040607-05723.jpg (2 MB)
Hassan - the divemaster - is doing the 'no-no' thing - never touch the wildlife. And I thought most nudibranch were extremely poisonous?
joj-20040607-05725.jpg (820 KB)
Garden eels - out there in the haze.
joj-20040607-05726.jpg (1 MB)
Michael in Buddha position.
joj-20040607-05727.jpg (1 MB)
Henrik - my buddy.
joj-20040607-05729.jpg (2 MB)
The wreck...
joj-20040607-05730.jpg (1 MB)
Sara being the smarter one taking a break, while the rest of us are melting away before getting in the water at Jackson Reef.
joj-20040607-05731.jpg (1 MB)
Giant moray eel.
joj-20040607-05732.jpg (1 MB)
The other end of same moray eel - it's big...
joj-20040607-05733.jpg (2 MB)
Another giant moray eel - with cleaner fish.
joj-20040607-05735.jpg (1 MB)
joj-20040607-05736.jpg (1 MB)
Nice wall.
joj-20040607-05737.jpg (1 MB)
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