Sharm El Sheikh - June 2004

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Funny looking fish at the Ras Ghazlani dive site.
joj-20040606-05693.jpg (2 MB)
Is something hiding in there?
joj-20040606-05695.jpg (2 MB)
Could it be???
joj-20040606-05696.jpg (2 MB)
Yes. A giant moray eel.
joj-20040606-05697.jpg (2 MB)
A pretty fish - I think it's a brand new species - I'll name it Pingo after a Danish cartoon hero!
joj-20040606-05704.jpg (2 MB)
Anemone with Anemonefish.
joj-20040606-05705.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040606-05706.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040606-05707.jpg (2 MB)
Now, ignore the Anemonefish and take a look at the beautyful tiny shrimps.
joj-20040606-05708.jpg (2 MB)
Anemonefish WANTS all the attention - it bit my finger when I tried to keep it awayfrom my primary subject...
joj-20040606-05709.jpg (2 MB)
Shrimps again.
joj-20040606-05711.jpg (2 MB)
Shoal of masked pufferfish!!! I've never seen anything like it...
joj-20040606-05712.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040606-05713.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040606-05714.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040606-05715.jpg (2 MB)
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