Sharm El Sheikh - June 2004

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Dive site: Shark Reef. Airborn Bluespotted Stingray.
joj-20040606-05652.jpg (1 MB)
Corals and glass fish.
joj-20040606-05655.jpg (1 MB)
joj-20040606-05656.jpg (2 MB)
Shoal of unicornfish.
joj-20040606-05657.jpg (1 MB)
joj-20040606-05658.jpg (1 MB)
joj-20040606-05659.jpg (1 MB)
Blue triggerfish.
joj-20040606-05660.jpg (1 MB)
Unicornfish at Yolanda Reef.
joj-20040606-05661.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040606-05662.jpg (1 MB)
Glass fish and corals.
joj-20040606-05664.jpg (2 MB)
More fish and corals.
joj-20040606-05667.jpg (1 MB)
Lionfish, Striped butterflyfish, Crown butterflyfish and Orangestriped triggerfish.
joj-20040606-05669.jpg (2 MB)
Ditto - but the crown butterflyfish is on the run...
joj-20040606-05670.jpg (2 MB)
Pipefish at the entrance to the first cave at Jackfish Alley dive site.
joj-20040606-05671.jpg (2 MB)
Grouper of some kind (I think)...
joj-20040606-05672.jpg (2 MB)
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