Sharm El Sheikh - June 2004

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Dananeer - a really good restaurant at the end of the pedestrian street (Jolie Ville end) in Na'ama Bay.
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Tired, happy divers.
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This is what happens to you if you're a stupid grouper - and you get caught...
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Ditto for 2 red mullets.
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Abou restaurant on top of Hard Rock Café. Abou serves very nice Egyptian food.
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Very late sunset seen from Abou restaurant.
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Camel Bar. Good terrace on the roof - divers meeting place in Naama Bay.
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The bay view from Tam Tam restaurant. Good Egyptian restaurant - that just MAYBE gave me a bad stomach..
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The pool at night at Badaweia hotel.
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Same pool - seen from the other end.
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The friendly bar staff.
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Can you believe what "Mr Maid" would do for an extra tip?
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