Sharm El Sheikh - June 2004

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Morning chaos at the jetty in Na'ama Bay.
joj-20040604-05569.jpg (2 MB)
My first underwater photo from the Red Sea - corals and glass fish.
joj-20040604-05571.jpg (1000 KB)
More corals.
joj-20040604-05572.jpg (2 MB)
Masked butterflyfish.
joj-20040604-05573.jpg (1 MB)
joj-20040604-05575.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040604-05579.jpg (2 MB)
Polyp butterflyfish with a half-and-half chromis in the background.
joj-20040604-05580.jpg (1 MB)
Stupid looking grouper.
joj-20040604-05581.jpg (1 MB)
joj-20040604-05582.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040604-05583.jpg (2 MB)
Hmmm - normally this would be a goby in symbiosis with a shrimp... But it doesn't look like a goby?
joj-20040604-05586.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040604-05589.jpg (956 KB)
Black surgeonfish.
joj-20040604-05591.jpg (1 MB)
Arabian Picassofish.
joj-20040604-05592.jpg (2 MB)
Potato Grouper.
joj-20040604-05595.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040604-05596.jpg (1 MB)
Worms - of the pretty kind.
joj-20040604-05601.jpg (2 MB)
joj-20040604-05604.jpg (2 MB)
Moon Grouper.
joj-20040604-05606.jpg (1 MB)
Claudia and Sara fleeing from the scene of crime ;o) Well - they've finished the tests.
joj-20040604-05607.jpg (1 MB)
joj-20040604-05608.jpg (1 MB)
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