Placencia, Belize - February 2007

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Longsnout butterflyfish
joj-20070213_2359.jpg (709 KB)

Queen triggerfish
joj-20070213_2362.jpg (383 KB)

Spotted moray eel
joj-20070213_2364.jpg (667 KB)

Another moray eel
joj-20070213_2368.jpg (610 KB)

Pretty worms on a brain coral
joj-20070213_2371.jpg (619 KB)

Whitespotted moray eel
joj-20070213_2377.jpg (693 KB)

Spotted drum
joj-20070213_2379.jpg (591 KB)

Scarred surgeonfish
joj-20070213_2381.jpg (706 KB)

Spotted drum
joj-20070213_2382.jpg (469 KB)

Spotted drum
joj-20070213_2383.jpg (445 KB)

Spotted drum
joj-20070213_2384.jpg (533 KB)

Strange colour coral?
joj-20070213_2385.jpg (703 KB)

Shoal of surgeonfish
joj-20070213_2386.jpg (585 KB)

Celine from France
joj-20070213_2388.jpg (274 KB)

Michel from France
joj-20070213_2388a.jpg (320 KB)

joj-20070213_2389.jpg (224 KB)

joj-20070213_2390.jpg (342 KB)

Gray angelfish
joj-20070213_2391.jpg (576 KB)

Gray angelfish
joj-20070213_2392.jpg (709 KB)

joj-20070213_2395.jpg (185 KB)

Scrawled trunkfish
joj-20070213_2397.jpg (615 KB)

Two spiny lobsters
joj-20070213_2402.jpg (870 KB)

Foureye butterflyfish
joj-20070213_2413.jpg (532 KB)

Scrawled filefish
joj-20070213_2419.jpg (702 KB)

Scrawled filefish - with flash
joj-20070213_2420.jpg (882 KB)
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