Placencia, Belize - February 2007

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Giant green moray eel
joj-20070212_2283.jpg (702 KB)

Sponge tube coral
joj-20070212_2285.jpg (617 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070212_2286.jpg (687 KB)

Tiger grouper
joj-20070212_2288.jpg (793 KB)

Stoplight parrotfish
joj-20070212_2289.jpg (712 KB)

Spotted trunkfish
joj-20070212_2291.jpg (597 KB)

Graysby and banded boxershrimp
joj-20070212_2292.jpg (658 KB)

Banded boxershrimps
joj-20070212_2294.jpg (502 KB)

joj-20070212_2300.jpg (666 KB)

Giant green moray eel
joj-20070212_2301.jpg (795 KB)

Spiny lobster
joj-20070212_2304.jpg (935 KB)

Black and white queen parrotfish
joj-20070212_2305.jpg (624 KB)

Yellowtail damselfish
joj-20070212_2308.jpg (811 KB)

The boat of the day
joj-20070212_2310.jpg (346 KB)

Silk caye
joj-20070212_2311.jpg (595 KB)

Silk caye
joj-20070212_2312.jpg (524 KB)

Another Silk caye
joj-20070212_2313.jpg (356 KB)

Is the divemaster feeling bored?
joj-20070212_2315.jpg (226 KB)

Yellowfin grouper
joj-20070212_2321.jpg (719 KB)

Jolthead porgy
joj-20070212_2325.jpg (585 KB)

Spotted drum
joj-20070212_2333.jpg (700 KB)

Male hogfish
joj-20070212_2334.jpg (446 KB)

joj-20070212_2337.jpg (473 KB)

joj-20070212_2342.jpg (354 KB)

Queen triggerfish
joj-20070212_2345.jpg (650 KB)
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