Placencia, Belize - February 2007

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Ready for diving
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Purple tube coral
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joj-20070210_2170.jpg (754 KB)

Same snapper
joj-20070210_2171.jpg (674 KB)

Spotted drum
joj-20070210_2175.jpg (636 KB)

Spotted drum
joj-20070210_2176.jpg (604 KB)

Spotted drum
joj-20070210_2177.jpg (718 KB)

Spotted drum
joj-20070210_2178.jpg (631 KB)

3 lobsters
joj-20070211_2210.jpg (762 KB)

Pretty corals
joj-20070211_2212.jpg (550 KB)

Gray angelfish
joj-20070211_2214.jpg (548 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070211_2215.jpg (618 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070211_2216.jpg (583 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070211_2217.jpg (686 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070211_2218.jpg (532 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070211_2219.jpg (657 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070211_2221.jpg (499 KB)

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Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070211_2224.jpg (474 KB)

Atlantic spadefish
joj-20070211_2226.jpg (695 KB)

Atlantic spadefish
joj-20070211_2227.jpg (670 KB)

Corals and a worm
joj-20070211_2228.jpg (673 KB)

Hmmm... it reminds me of something
joj-20070211_2230.jpg (589 KB)

Barred hamlet
joj-20070211_2232.jpg (481 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum - the best photo on this trip!
joj-20070211_2238.jpg (571 KB)

The boat of the day
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Surface interval in paradise
joj-20070211_2242.jpg (479 KB)

A goddess in paradise
joj-20070211_2243.jpg (519 KB)

Laughingbird Caye
joj-20070211_2244.jpg (634 KB)

Juvenile angelfish
joj-20070211_2246.jpg (663 KB)

Spiny crab
joj-20070211_2249.jpg (622 KB)

Parrotfish with suckerfish
joj-20070211_2255.jpg (369 KB)

A mystery???
joj-20070211_2260.jpg (431 KB)

Hermit crab
joj-20070211_2262.jpg (413 KB)

Whitespotted moray eel
joj-20070211_2267.jpg (545 KB)

Hiding graysby
joj-20070211_2268.jpg (594 KB)

Big coral crab
joj-20070211_2270.jpg (522 KB)

Whitespotted moray eel
joj-20070211_2271.jpg (661 KB)
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