Placencia, Belize - February 2007

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Heading for Pompion Wall - being greeted by a twister
joj-20070210_2153.jpg (320 KB)

Giant green moray eel
joj-20070210_2156.jpg (714 KB)

Coral crab
joj-20070210_2158.jpg (615 KB)

BIG barracuda on the reef
joj-20070210_2160.jpg (762 KB)

Honeycomb cowfish
joj-20070210_2162.jpg (780 KB)

joj-20070210_2163.jpg (306 KB)

Tiny filefish
joj-20070210_2165.jpg (547 KB)

Ring of air
joj-20070214_2425.jpg (172 KB)

Longsnout butterflyfish
joj-20070214_2427.jpg (691 KB)

Longsnout butterflyfish
joj-20070214_2428.jpg (732 KB)

Tiny something - a fish...
joj-20070214_2429.jpg (455 KB)

And againg
joj-20070214_2433.jpg (433 KB)

joj-20070214_2435.jpg (786 KB)

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Foureyed butterflyfish
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joj-20070214_2444.jpg (483 KB)

Spotted drum
joj-20070214_2446.jpg (744 KB)

Blue tang
joj-20070214_2447.jpg (473 KB)

Spanish hogfish
joj-20070214_2453.jpg (658 KB)

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Bluestriped grunt
joj-20070214_2458.jpg (670 KB)

Spanish hogfish
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joj-20070214_2462.jpg (683 KB)

Fish in the blue
joj-20070214_2463.jpg (213 KB)

Michel and Celine from France
joj-20070214_2466.jpg (396 KB)

Trunkfish on very shallow water
joj-20070214_2468.jpg (422 KB)

Trumpetfishover brain coral
joj-20070214_2477.jpg (682 KB)

Tiny blue shrimp
joj-20070214_2479.jpg (702 KB)

Southern stingray
joj-20070214_2480.jpg (206 KB)

Southern stingray
joj-20070214_2481.jpg (373 KB)

Southern stingray
joj-20070214_2482.jpg (638 KB)

Nassau grouper
joj-20070214_2506.jpg (349 KB)
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