Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia
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More museum... I'm not really into this...
joj-20021103-00733.jpg (913 KB)
Cool boat!
joj-20021103-00734.jpg (858 KB)
The view from my balcony(!) at my hotel.
joj-20021103-00736.jpg (859 KB)
More view from same place. (Where someone 'liberated' my Discman from my hotel room!)
joj-20021103-00737.jpg (886 KB)
Now that's what I call a good commercial! It really makes me want to buy the product, which happens to be 'Danish Royal Stout'...
I'm from Denmark and I've never heard of it before? It probably tastes like shit... But who cares with that kind of ad?

joj-20021104-00739.jpg (824 KB)
One of the two chinese restaurants in this very muslim corner of the world where it's possible to get a beer or two. It's still raining and I don't like the rest of this town....
joj-20021104-00740.jpg (856 KB)
Neon coconut palm tree. Well, maybe Kota Bharu isn't all bad. And they have a couple of internet cafes with 2MBit connection ;o)
joj-20021105-00741.jpg (865 KB)
It's late march 2003 and I'm back on Perhentian. And this is a BIG pufferfish.
joj-20030330-03411.jpg (670 KB)
Whiteeyed moray eel.
joj-20030330-03413.jpg (894 KB)
Zebra shark (young).
joj-20030330-03415.jpg (904 KB)
Bluespotted stingray.
joj-20030330-03416.jpg (877 KB)
Bluespotted stingray.
joj-20030330-03417.jpg (819 KB)
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