Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia
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joj-20021029-00690.jpg (822 KB)
Mmmmm... Cute... - Ohhh, you didn't see the monkey??? Well, she's also ok ;o)
joj-20021029-00697.jpg (857 KB)
Nice rocks at Pulau Perhentian Besar.
joj-20021029-00699.jpg (833 KB)
More rocks.
joj-20021029-00700.jpg (877 KB)
joj-20021029-00707.jpg (808 KB)
joj-20021029-00708.jpg (648 KB)
Turtle. More or less the size of a Volkswagen (probably less).
joj-20021029-00713.jpg (682 KB)
Turtle again.
joj-20021029-00714.jpg (674 KB)
The boat for the snorkel trip.
joj-20021029-00717.jpg (822 KB)
Aslan (Lan) - our tour guide. Bye bye for now - it's end October and the monsoon is starting.
joj-20021029-00721.jpg (809 KB)
Stuck in Kota Bharu and it's raining. So... Bop bop... You visit a museum! So I went to see Istana Jahar.
joj-20021103-00730.jpg (864 KB)
Nice staircase.
joj-20021103-00731.jpg (896 KB)
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