Padre burgos
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Dive vacations can be hard - even when you're not diving - Peter reading/sleeping - again ;o)
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A pink chilly guy with a cat - Hey it's me!
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And the kittens.
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Say WHAT? It doesn't look like I'm agreeing. Or am I just thinking?
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Boat crew.
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Home away from home.
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Home away from home.
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Home away from home.
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Home away from home.
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Two of the local fanatics trying to teach two harmless pieces of poultry how to tear each others guts out. Kockfighting is pretty big in the Philippines...
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The local ferry to Limasawa.
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The local church in Padre Burgos. So this is where all the money in the community is going...
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Leaving Leyte and Padre Burgos.
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We're on the Oceanjet going to Cebu City. And dirctly continuing to Tagbilaran and the white beach at Alona on Panglao.
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Anywhere, anytime. Peter doing something he's very good at ;o)
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