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Banded seasnake.
DSC05173.JPG (650 KB)
Banded seasnake.
DSC05175.JPG (652 KB)
Banded seasnake.
DSC05176.JPG (881 KB)
Strange coral.
DSC05177.JPG (726 KB)
Strange something.
DSC05178.JPG (605 KB)
DSC05182.JPG (498 KB)
More nudibranch.
DSC05184.JPG (524 KB)
Come back pretty fish!
DSC05190.JPG (622 KB)
This is a BIG starfish - each arm something like 35 cm.
DSC05192.JPG (766 KB)
I'm lost - if YOU know what this is send me a mail.
DSC05194.JPG (776 KB)
Simon - our Australian/Canadian mate.
DSC05193.JPG (722 KB)
More Simon.
DSC05195.JPG (669 KB)
Simon again.
DSC05196.JPG (711 KB)
Sea anemone with anemonefish.
DSC05197.JPG (771 KB)
Simon and Henrik strugling to get out of the water - shore dives suck!!!
DSC05200.JPG (860 KB)
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