Moalboal and Pescador Island
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Big juvenile batfish.
joj-20030223-02717.jpg (899 KB)
Big juvenile batfish.
joj-20030223-02718.jpg (869 KB)
Big juvenile batfish.
joj-20030223-02719.jpg (882 KB)
Ouch - that must have hurt... Wounded fish.
joj-20030224-02722.jpg (628 KB)
Harlequin ghostpipefish on the house reef at Panagsama beach. Impossible to get focus on something that small and fluffy.
joj-20030224-02724.jpg (732 KB)
Harlequin ghostpipefish.
joj-20030224-02725.jpg (795 KB)
Harlequin ghostpipefish.
joj-20030224-02727.jpg (801 KB)
Harlequin ghostpipefish.
joj-20030224-02734.jpg (803 KB)
Sea anamone with crab and anemone fish.
joj-20030224-02736.jpg (834 KB)
Chevron barracuda.
joj-20030225-02744.jpg (809 KB)
Swimming feather star.
joj-20030225-02745.jpg (903 KB)
Small colourful shrimps.
joj-20030225-02747.jpg (842 KB)
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