Moalboal and Pescador Island
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joj-20030221-02636.jpg (854 KB)
joj-20030221-02648.jpg (858 KB)
Sucker fish.
joj-20030221-02650.jpg (745 KB)
Small fish on coral.
joj-20030221-02652.jpg (826 KB)
Small fish on another coral.
joj-20030221-02656.jpg (882 KB)
>Small fish on coral.
joj-20030221-02657.jpg (895 KB)
Shoal of catfish.
joj-20030221-02665.jpg (905 KB)
Hard corals.
joj-20030221-02666.jpg (884 KB)
Pretty big seaslug.
joj-20030221-02667.jpg (860 KB)
...something razorfish.
joj-20030222-02668.jpg (878 KB)
Giant frogfish at Pescador Island.
joj-20030222-02674.jpg (858 KB)
Giant frogfish.
joj-20030222-02675.jpg (818 KB)
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