Hin Daeng/Hin Mouang - February 2008

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Leopard shark in the deep
JW-A620-20080211_4714.jpg (346 KB)

Leopard shark
JW-A620-20080211_4715.jpg (421 KB)

JW-A620-20080211_4718.jpg (291 KB)

JW-A620-20080211_4719.jpg (496 KB)

Banded boxer shrimp
JW-A620-20080211_4721.jpg (585 KB)

Banded boxer shrimp
JW-A620-20080211_4722.jpg (603 KB)

Sea cucumber
JW-A620-20080211_4725.jpg (641 KB)

Cuttle fish
JW-A620-20080211_4731.jpg (692 KB)

Cuttle fish
JW-A620-20080211_4732.jpg (647 KB)

Variegated lizardfish
JW-A620-20080211_4735.jpg (612 KB)

Two-colour blenny
JW-A620-20080211_4737.jpg (990 KB)

Close-up of a sea cucumber
JW-A620-20080211_4739.jpg (953 KB)

JW-A620-20080211_4740.jpg (591 KB)

Giant green moray
JW-A620-20080211_4742.jpg (602 KB)

Moorish idol
JW-A620-20080211_4744.jpg (341 KB)

Giant triggerfish
JW-A620-20080211_4747.jpg (630 KB)

Red-lined greentail wrasse
JW-A620-20080211_4748.jpg (961 KB)

Zebra moray
JW-A620-20080211_4750.jpg (950 KB)

Lined surgeonfish
JW-A620-20080211_4752.jpg (611 KB)

Red-tailed butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080211_4760.jpg (352 KB)

Pustulose wart slug
JW-A650-20080211_0469.jpg (2 MB)

Pustulose wart slug
JW-A650-20080211_0471.jpg (1 MB)

Leopard shark
JW-A650-20080211_0477.jpg (745 KB)

JW-A650-20080211_0478.jpg (837 KB)

Banded boxer shrimps
JW-A650-20080211_0482.jpg (746 KB)

Juvenile Diana's hogfish
JW-A650-20080211_0483.jpg (1 MB)

Crown of thorns star fish
JW-A650-20080211_0484.jpg (705 KB)

JW-A650-20080211_0485.jpg (385 KB)

JW-A650-20080211_0486.jpg (299 KB)

JW-A650-20080211_0487.jpg (533 KB)

Jette hiding behind a batfish
JW-A650-20080211_0488.jpg (410 KB)

Sea urchin
JW-A650-20080211_0489.jpg (733 KB)

Ornate ghost pipefish
JW-A650-20080211_0501.jpg (647 KB)

Ornate ghost pipefish
JW-A650-20080211_0503.jpg (1 MB)

Bearded scorpionfish
JW-A650-20080211_0505.jpg (826 KB)

Cuttle fish
JW-A650-20080211_0509.jpg (590 KB)

Soft coral
JW-A650-20080211_0513.jpg (706 KB)

Northern Indian anemonefish
JW-A650-20080211_0515.jpg (771 KB)

Giant green moray
JW-A650-20080211_0517.jpg (644 KB)

Giant triggerfish
JW-A650-20080211_0519.jpg (661 KB)

Powder-blue surgeonfish
JW-A650-20080211_0521.jpg (962 KB)

Indian parrotfish
JW-A650-20080211_0523.jpg (584 KB)

Jette after the dive at Hin Daeng pinnacle
JW-A650-20080211_0526.jpg (342 KB)
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