Koh Haa - February 2008

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JW-A620-20080218_5092.jpg (1 MB)

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Bearded scorpionfish
JW-A620-20080218_5099.jpg (624 KB)

Zebra dwarf lionfish
JW-A620-20080218_5108.jpg (566 KB)

Big fish
JW-A620-20080218_5112.jpg (1 MB)

Big fish (evil)
JW-A620-20080218_5114.jpg (1 MB)

Banded seasnake
JW-A620-20080218_5116.jpg (621 KB)

Banded seasnake
JW-A620-20080218_5118.jpg (757 KB)

Jette being sooooo ready!
JW-A650-20080218_0941.jpg (498 KB)

Tina the tax athlete :o)
JW-A650-20080218_0942.jpg (475 KB)

Bigeye snapper
JW-A650-20080218_0944.jpg (657 KB)

Yellowtail triggerfish
JW-A650-20080218_0945.jpg (646 KB)

Big evil fish again
JW-A650-20080218_0951.jpg (611 KB)

Yellowtail barracuda
JW-A650-20080218_0952.jpg (493 KB)

Strange transparent shrimp
JW-A650-20080218_0953.jpg (976 KB)

Strange transparent shrimp
JW-A650-20080218_0954.jpg (1 MB)

Two seamoths
JW-A650-20080218_0959.jpg (818 KB)

Two seamoths
JW-A650-20080218_0962.jpg (1 MB)

Common lionfish
JW-A650-20080218_0964.jpg (475 KB)

Peacock mantis shrimp (divine picture!)
JW-A650-20080218_0967.jpg (1 MB)

Varicose wart slug
JW-A650-20080218_0969.jpg (1 MB)

Durban dancing shrimps
JW-A650-20080218_0972.jpg (509 KB)

Spotfin lionfish
JW-A650-20080218_0973.jpg (701 KB)

Pretty fish
JW-A650-20080218_0978.jpg (907 KB)

Copper sweepers
JW-A650-20080218_0981.jpg (636 KB)
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