Koh Bida - February 2008

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Scribbled filefish
JW-A620-20080212_4762.jpg (530 KB)

Leopard shark
JW-A620-20080212_4763.jpg (402 KB)

JW-A620-20080212_4766.jpg (1 MB)

Blackspotted pufferfish sleeping in a coral
JW-A620-20080212_4769.jpg (680 KB)

Juvenile blackbelt hogfish
JW-A620-20080212_4771.jpg (872 KB)

Copper sweeper
JW-A620-20080212_4778.jpg (501 KB)

Copper sweepers
JW-A620-20080212_4779.jpg (500 KB)

Starry pufferfish
JW-A620-20080212_4784.jpg (660 KB)

Ring angelfish
JW-A620-20080212_4787.jpg (458 KB)

Twoline threadfin bream
JW-A620-20080212_4790.jpg (1 MB)

Brownmarbled grouper
JW-A620-20080212_4795.jpg (630 KB)

Copperband butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080212_4799.jpg (805 KB)

Zebra dwarf lionfish
JW-A620-20080212_4800.jpg (696 KB)

Zebra dwarf lionfish
JW-A620-20080212_4801.jpg (600 KB)

Yellow-edged moray
JW-A620-20080212_4802.jpg (696 KB)

Blacktip grouper
JW-A620-20080212_4806.jpg (627 KB)

Copperband butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080212_4807.jpg (680 KB)

Copperband butterflyfish
JW-A620-20080212_4808.jpg (1 MB)

Cuttle fish
JW-A620-20080212_4810.jpg (618 KB)

Cuttle fish
JW-A620-20080212_4811.jpg (623 KB)

Cuttle fish
JW-A620-20080212_4813.jpg (591 KB)

Leopard shark
JW-A650-20080212_0528.jpg (873 KB)

Leopard shark
JW-A650-20080212_0529.jpg (789 KB)

Leopard shark
JW-A650-20080212_0530.jpg (985 KB)

Solander's toby
JW-A650-20080212_0537.jpg (580 KB)

Maybe a bluescale emperor
JW-A650-20080212_0542.jpg (618 KB)

Squamose giant clam
JW-A650-20080212_0550.jpg (758 KB)

Double-striped soapfish
JW-A650-20080212_0553.jpg (1 MB)

Copperband butterflyfish
JW-A650-20080212_0557.jpg (1 MB)

Copperband butterflyfish
JW-A650-20080212_0564.jpg (508 KB)

JW-A650-20080212_0568.jpg (731 KB)

Cuttle fish
JW-A650-20080212_0576.jpg (825 KB)

Cuttle fish
JW-A650-20080212_0577.jpg (737 KB)

Cuttle fish
JW-A650-20080212_0578.jpg (752 KB)

Three spot dascyllus
JW-A650-20080212_0580.jpg (558 KB)
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