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Manta Ray again.
joj-20021112-00836.jpg (665 KB)
Yellowheaded moray eel.
joj-20021112-00838.jpg (844 KB)
Bat fish.
joj-20021112-00842.jpg (878 KB)
Christian from Germany.
joj-20021112-00845.jpg (757 KB)
A cruise ship passing by.
joj-20021112-00846.jpg (727 KB)
Happy divers by night.
joj-20021112-00847.jpg (841 KB)
Willem, the buddy, and I.
joj-20021112-00848.jpg (721 KB)
Hey! It's me again.
joj-20021113-00852.jpg (847 KB)
Bluespotted stingray.
joj-20021114-00860.jpg (845 KB)
Bluespotted stingray on the run.
joj-20021114-00861.jpg (783 KB)
Star fish.
joj-20021114-00862.jpg (874 KB)
Excited young American.
joj-20021114-00863.jpg (834 KB)
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