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joj-20030718-04585.jpg (856 KB)
Brill flatfish.
joj-20030718-04587.jpg (856 KB)
Hmmm... In Asia this would be something like a lizardfish... Here - I don't know...
joj-20030718-04588.jpg (687 KB)
A cute little seahorse at the dive site Mgarr ix Xini.
joj-20030718-04591.jpg (657 KB)
Another seahorse.
joj-20030718-04598.jpg (1 MB)
And again.
joj-20030718-04599.jpg (1 MB)
And again.
joj-20030718-04600.jpg (1 MB)
joj-20030718-04603.jpg (588 KB)
Ray again.
joj-20030718-04604.jpg (459 KB)
Fish in the sand - a star gazer?
joj-20030718-04605.jpg (960 KB)
Streaked gurnard.
joj-20030718-04606.jpg (651 KB)
Streaked gurnard again - PLEASE unfold you blue wings while I'm taking a photo - NOT in between...
joj-20030718-04609.jpg (688 KB)
joj-20030718-04612.jpg (825 KB)
Big snail - normally nocturnal.
joj-20030718-04614.jpg (753 KB)
Same snail again.
joj-20030718-04616.jpg (778 KB)
Fish trap at the dive site Bajjada Point. Impressing drop offs and blue water, but I could only focus on the pain from infections in my outer ears... End of diving on this vacation...
joj-20030719-04631.jpg (697 KB)
St. Andrew's Divers cove dive boat.
joj-20030723-04721.jpg (829 KB)
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