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St. Andrews Divers Cove in Xlendi Bay, Gozo.
joj-20030723-04716.jpg (841 KB)
Map of the dive sites around Gozo.
joj-20030716-04490.jpg (1 MB)
First photogenic fish in Gozo waters - a small scorpionfish in Xlendi Bay.
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Exiting Xlendi Cave.
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joj-20030717-04496.jpg (772 KB)
A fireworm - don't touch!
joj-20030717-04498.jpg (767 KB)
joj-20030717-04500.jpg (691 KB)
The faithful shoal of barracuda just outside Xlendi Bay has arrived.
joj-20030717-04505.jpg (433 KB)
Barracudas playing.
joj-20030717-04507.jpg (424 KB)
Barracudas showing off.
joj-20030717-04513.jpg (419 KB)
Barracudas playing.
joj-20030717-04514.jpg (351 KB)
Barracudas playing.
joj-20030717-04515.jpg (346 KB)
Barracudas playing.
joj-20030717-04516.jpg (390 KB)
Barracudas playing.
joj-20030717-04517.jpg (785 KB)
Barracudas playing.
joj-20030717-04518.jpg (451 KB)
Beautyful worm.
joj-20030717-04521.jpg (684 KB)
Barracudas still playing.
joj-20030717-04522.jpg (480 KB)
Barracudas playing.
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