Cozumel, Yucatan, Mexico - February 2007

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Whitespotted filefish
joj-20070222_2929.jpg (553 KB)

Whitespotted filefish
joj-20070222_2930.jpg (489 KB)

Messy fish
joj-20070222_2931.jpg (864 KB)

Striped parrotfish
joj-20070222_2938.jpg (673 KB)

Redspotted hawkfish
joj-20070222_2942.jpg (500 KB)

Midnight parrotfish
joj-20070222_2944.jpg (302 KB)

Midnight parrotfish
joj-20070222_2945.jpg (466 KB)

joj-20070222_2949.jpg (143 KB)

Queen angelfish
joj-20070222_2950.jpg (466 KB)

Giant green moray eel
joj-20070222_2953.jpg (829 KB)

Giant green moray eel
joj-20070222_2954.jpg (704 KB)

Swimming moray eel
joj-20070222_2955.jpg (646 KB)

Hawksbill turtle
joj-20070222_2959.jpg (538 KB)

joj-20070222_2960.jpg (640 KB)

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Mike at the safety stop
joj-20070222_2972.jpg (238 KB)

Hungry barracuda waiting in the current
joj-20070222_2973.jpg (413 KB)

Mike still safety stopping
joj-20070222_2974.jpg (224 KB)

The divemaster
joj-20070222_2975.jpg (237 KB)

Studio Blue dive center
joj-20070220_2798a.jpg (550 KB)

Manuel Ortiz at Studio Blue being sooo ready for the carnival
joj-20070220_2802a.jpg (529 KB)

La Choza - a decent restaurant close to Studio Blue
joj-20070220_2799a.jpg (444 KB)
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