Cozumel, Yucatan, Mexico - February 2007

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Orange jack
joj-20070221_2870.jpg (673 KB)

Same fish without the flash
joj-20070221_2871.jpg (410 KB)

Little blue fish with spots in a cave
joj-20070222_2874.jpg (765 KB)

joj-20070222_2875.jpg (778 KB)

Spiny crab
joj-20070222_2876.jpg (560 KB)

Yellow fish...
joj-20070222_2878.jpg (690 KB)

Blackcap basslet
joj-20070222_2879.jpg (579 KB)

joj-20070222_2883.jpg (646 KB)

Midnight parrotfish
joj-20070222_2885.jpg (493 KB)

joj-20070222_2888.jpg (519 KB)

Southern stingray
joj-20070222_2890.jpg (505 KB)

One(!) garden eel
joj-20070222_2896.jpg (364 KB)

Spiny lobster
joj-20070222_2899.jpg (663 KB)

joj-20070222_2901.jpg (725 KB)

joj-20070222_2905.jpg (256 KB)

joj-20070222_2906.jpg (286 KB)

Bar jack
joj-20070222_2911.jpg (362 KB)

Blue tang
joj-20070222_2912.jpg (614 KB)

Whitespotted filefish
joj-20070222_2913.jpg (544 KB)

Southern stingray
joj-20070222_2914.jpg (270 KB)

Juvenile stoplight parrotfish
joj-20070222_2920.jpg (511 KB)

Same fish - but with the coral in focus
joj-20070222_2921.jpg (394 KB)

Black margate
joj-20070222_2922.jpg (304 KB)

Rock beauty
joj-20070222_2924.jpg (931 KB)

White grunts
joj-20070222_2925.jpg (1 MB)

White grunts
joj-20070222_2926.jpg (1015 KB)

Stoplight parrotfish
joj-20070222_2927.jpg (609 KB)

Whitespotted filefish
joj-20070222_2928.jpg (439 KB)
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