Cozumel, Yucatan, Mexico - February 2007

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Whitespotted filefish
joj-20070221_2812.jpg (448 KB)

Evil tiny fish
joj-20070221_2816.jpg (476 KB)

Harlequin bass
joj-20070221_2819.jpg (621 KB)

Whitespotted filefish
joj-20070221_2820.jpg (434 KB)

Midnight parrotfish
joj-20070221_2823.jpg (530 KB)

Midnight parrotfish with dive buddy
joj-20070221_2824.jpg (356 KB)

joj-20070221_2826.jpg (673 KB)

Big grouper
joj-20070221_2830.jpg (385 KB)

Big grouper
joj-20070221_2832.jpg (285 KB)

White grunt
joj-20070221_2836.jpg (536 KB)

Peacock flounder
joj-20070221_2838.jpg (721 KB)

Queen triggerfish
joj-20070221_2842.jpg (562 KB)

Barracuda passing between my buddy and me
joj-20070221_2843.jpg (240 KB)

Mutton snapper
joj-20070221_2846.jpg (595 KB)

Juvenile puddingwife wrasse
joj-20070221_2847.jpg (631 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070221_2850.jpg (642 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070221_2851.jpg (789 KB)

Juvenile spotted drum
joj-20070221_2852.jpg (1 MB)

Intermediate yellowtail damselfish
joj-20070221_2853.jpg (844 KB)

Scrawled filefish
joj-20070221_2854.jpg (865 KB)

joj-20070221_2855.jpg (442 KB)

Bluestriped grunt
joj-20070221_2857.jpg (706 KB)

Saucereye porgy
joj-20070221_2858.jpg (457 KB)

Juvenile queen angelfish
joj-20070221_2861.jpg (487 KB)

joj-20070221_2862.jpg (447 KB)

Midnight parrotfish
joj-20070221_2863.jpg (716 KB)

Midnight parrotfish
joj-20070221_2864.jpg (470 KB)

Queen angelfish
joj-20070221_2865.jpg (529 KB)
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