Cozumel, Yucatan, Mexico - February 2007

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joj-20070220_2740.jpg (443 KB)

Whitespotted filefish
joj-20070220_2743.jpg (594 KB)

Black durgon triggerfish
joj-20070220_2745.jpg (412 KB)

Southern stingray
joj-20070220_2753.jpg (246 KB)

Southern stingray
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Safety stop...
joj-20070220_2756.jpg (296 KB)

Ocean triggerfish
joj-20070220_2757.jpg (444 KB)

The divemaster holding the safety sausage
joj-20070220_2759.jpg (304 KB)

Lazy nurse shark
joj-20070220_2762.jpg (522 KB)

Nurse shark
joj-20070220_2764.jpg (707 KB)

Black durgon
joj-20070220_2766.jpg (717 KB)

Honeucomb cowfish
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French grunts
joj-20070220_2775.jpg (531 KB)

Sergeant major
joj-20070220_2777.jpg (623 KB)

Blue tang
joj-20070220_2778.jpg (455 KB)

Barracuda and ocean triggerfish
joj-20070220_2781.jpg (277 KB)

Ocean triggerfish
joj-20070220_2782.jpg (539 KB)

Hawksbill turtle
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Black grunt
joj-20070220_2790.jpg (412 KB)

Fish venue - cottonwick among others
joj-20070220_2792.jpg (890 KB)

Jelly something
joj-20070220_2799.jpg (546 KB)

Big grouper
joj-20070221_2805.jpg (450 KB)

Ocean surgeon
joj-20070221_2806.jpg (720 KB)

Queen triggerfish
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