Cozumel, Yucatan, Mexico - February 2007

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Dive sites at Cozumel, we had time for Palancar Garden, Tormentos, Colombia, Punta Tunich, Paso del Cedral, Yucab, Palancar Caves and La Francesa
joj-20070218_2591.jpg (501 KB)

There's something next to the anemone - it looks like a spider???
joj-20070219_2667.jpg (640 KB)

French angelfish
joj-20070219_2669.jpg (792 KB)

Spiny lobster
joj-20070219_2674.jpg (889 KB)

French angelfish
joj-20070219_2676.jpg (1 MB)

Big grouper
joj-20070219_2681.jpg (571 KB)

Horseeye jacks
joj-20070219_2687.jpg (314 KB)

Horseeye jacks
joj-20070219_2691.jpg (338 KB)

Queen triggerfish
joj-20070219_2701.jpg (569 KB)

Honeycomb cowfish
joj-20070219_2702.jpg (679 KB)

Honeycomb cowfish
joj-20070219_2704.jpg (725 KB)

Honeycomb cowfish
joj-20070219_2705.jpg (556 KB)

Smooth trunkfish
joj-20070219_2708.jpg (723 KB)

Sand tilefish
joj-20070219_2710.jpg (511 KB)

joj-20070219_2714.jpg (740 KB)

joj-20070219_2715.jpg (695 KB)

Scrawled filefish
joj-20070219_2717.jpg (683 KB)

Cozumel toadfish
joj-20070219_2718.jpg (395 KB)

Cozumel toadfish
joj-20070219_2720.jpg (465 KB)

Smooth trunkfish
joj-20070219_2721.jpg (524 KB)

Smooth trunkfish
joj-20070219_2723.jpg (563 KB)

White grunt
joj-20070219_2728.jpg (666 KB)

Queen angelfish
joj-20070219_2730.jpg (612 KB)

Blue parrotfish
joj-20070219_2732.jpg (291 KB)

Stoplight parrotfish
joj-20070219_2733.jpg (319 KB)

joj-20070219_2734.jpg (905 KB)

Juvenile spanish hogfish
joj-20070219_2736.jpg (618 KB)

Silly looking fish
joj-20070219_2737.jpg (885 KB)
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