Caye Caulker, Belize - February 2007

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Yellowtail snapper
joj-20070203_1749.jpg (594 KB)

Sand diver
joj-20070203_1757.jpg (750 KB)

Hawksbill turtle
joj-20070203_1764.jpg (452 KB)

joj-20070203_1765.jpg (238 KB)

Nassau grouper
joj-20070203_1772.jpg (728 KB)

Nassau grouper
joj-20070203_1773.jpg (609 KB)

Blue chromis
joj-20070203_1775.jpg (571 KB)

Gerard from France
joj-20070203_1781.jpg (332 KB)

Spotfin butterflyfish
joj-20070203_1782.jpg (669 KB)

Indigo hamlet
joj-20070203_1785.jpg (860 KB)

Tiny blue shrimps
joj-20070203_1790.jpg (626 KB)

Very very pretty worm
joj-20070203_1801.jpg (531 KB)

White grunt
joj-20070203_1803.jpg (600 KB)

>joj-20070203_1810.jpg (619 KB)

joj-20070203_1815.jpg (316 KB)

Black durgon triggerfish
joj-20070207_2057.jpg (638 KB)

Black durgon
joj-20070207_2059.jpg (680 KB)

Horseeye jacks
joj-20070207_2066.jpg (198 KB)

Spiny lobster
joj-20070207_2069.jpg (931 KB)

Stoplight parrotfish and whitespotted filefish
joj-20070207_2074.jpg (725 KB)

Whitespotted filefish
joj-20070207_2075.jpg (837 KB)

Red grouper
joj-20070207_2077.jpg (855 KB)

Harlequin bass
joj-20070207_2079.jpg (738 KB)

Banded butterflyfish
joj-20070207_2080.jpg (794 KB)

Twister passing by
joj-20070207_2083.jpg (299 KB)

joj-20070207_2087.jpg (485 KB)

Sand diver
joj-20070207_2088.jpg (720 KB)

Tiny crab
joj-20070207_2094.jpg (461 KB)

joj-20070207_2099.jpg (777 KB)

Sea urchin
joj-20070207_2104.jpg (637 KB)

joj-20070207_2109.jpg (634 KB)

Whitespotted moray eel
joj-20070207_2110.jpg (603 KB)

Whitespotted moray eel
joj-20070207_2111.jpg (545 KB)

Honeycomb trunkfish
joj-20070207_2115.jpg (607 KB)

joj-20070207_2119.jpg (817 KB)

Coral crab
joj-20070207_2121.jpg (765 KB)

Crab detail
joj-20070207_2124.jpg (405 KB)

joj-20070207_2127.jpg (674 KB)

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