Burma / Myanmar - Mergui Archipelago
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Pipefish (and shrimps).
joj-20030131-02397.jpg (862 KB)
Same pipefish.
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joj-20030131-02399.jpg (889 KB)
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Raphael, the divemaster, on the way back to Ranong in Thailand.
joj-20030131-02401.jpg (784 KB)
One final stop in Burma to get our passports back.
joj-20030131-02402.jpg (829 KB)
Two guitars in Burma... 500 Baht!
joj-20030131-02403.jpg (855 KB)
Full power.
joj-20030131-02404.jpg (817 KB)
Home the last five days. Well, we slept below in 10 degrees Celcius and strong wind. I don't like aircon!
joj-20030131-02405.jpg (861 KB)
My favourite deck chair... - and me.
joj-20030131-02407.jpg (743 KB)
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