Burma / Myanmar - Mergui Archipelago
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joj-20030130-02356.jpg (886 KB)
Two giant moray eels.
joj-20030130-02358.jpg (894 KB)
The diveboat seen from some island.
joj-20030130-02359.jpg (829 KB)
The beach at same island.
joj-20030130-02364.jpg (868 KB)
And again, and I still don't nkow the name of the island.
joj-20030130-02366.jpg (748 KB)
Some of the boat crew.
joj-20030130-02368.jpg (830 KB)
Seaworld - A One Divings diveboat.
joj-20030130-02378.jpg (874 KB)
Bruno the divemaster/instructor avoiding getting wet hair while taking a shower.
joj-20030130-02379.jpg (815 KB)
joj-20030130-02380.jpg (864 KB)
Later sunset.
joj-20030130-02381.jpg (832 KB)
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