Burma / Myanmar - Mergui Archipelago
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Turtle in a crack in the wall at a really good dive site called "Three Islets".
joj-20030127-02224.jpg (908 KB)
Turtle again.
joj-20030127-02225.jpg (923 KB)
Boxer shrimps.
joj-20030127-02226.jpg (870 KB)
Reef shark - still at three islets.
joj-20030128-02229.jpg (883 KB)
Reef shark.
joj-20030128-02230.jpg (902 KB)
Really BIG nurse shark in a cave at three islets. Not room and light enough to get a decent photo.
joj-20030128-02235.jpg (881 KB)
Nurse shark.
joj-20030128-02236.jpg (899 KB)
joj-20030128-02237.jpg (909 KB)
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joj-20030128-02241.jpg (903 KB)
Sucker fish getting a free ride.
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