Burma / Myanmar - Mergui Archipelago
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Worted seaslug.
joj-20030127-02193.jpg (885 KB)
joj-20030127-02197.jpg (911 KB)
Banded seasnake.
joj-20030127-02200.jpg (904 KB)
Banded seasnake.
joj-20030127-02201.jpg (869 KB)
Two boxer shrimps.
joj-20030127-02206.jpg (863 KB)
Swimming banded seasnake.
joj-20030127-02207.jpg (873 KB)
Swimming banded seasnake.
joj-20030127-02208.jpg (851 KB)
Shrimps. Looks like grasshopper and it's very common in these waters, but I don't know it's name.
joj-20030127-02214.jpg (884 KB)
Fish, fish, fish.
joj-20030127-02216.jpg (898 KB)
Boxer shrimp.
joj-20030127-02217.jpg (895 KB)
Boxer shrimp.
joj-20030127-02221.jpg (825 KB)
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