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Does this look like an old couple to you too? ;o)
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Henrik and Peter returning after their morning run on the beach (lunatics!!!)
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No crime, no pollution, no bad weather, no loud music all night... The only annoying detail is theever present sellers of watches and sunglasses...
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The charming girls at our resort - De Paris Beach Resort. (And if you're asking for directions pronounce Paris with the 's' ;o)
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The girls posing for the camera.
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My favourite water seller.
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Cocks... I'll never understand...
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Henrik looking... Well...
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Kite surfing.
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A quiet beautyful Boracay road.
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Local scenery.
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Kids - like everywhere else in the Philippines. The population growth is more than 2% annually...
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Angie at work. Peter is relaxed. VERY relaxed...
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Sunset in Boracay.
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Time to leave Boracay this is the plane from SEAir. Now I understood the baggage weight limit of 10 kg. So when you're bringing your own diving eqiupment you're paying for a few extra kg.
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The view from seat #7.
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Airborn - Boracay from the sky.
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Surfer paradise. I stayed on the other side of the island.
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So this is what they're doing with the trash...
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