Alona Beach 2004
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A one day sightseeing tour on Bohol. Marianne and Simon is posing where Magellan apparently set foot waaaaaaaaay back.
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And Legaspi made peace with the locals - sort of.
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Tourists at the chocolate hills. Me, Peter and Simon.
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And now all of us - including Marianne and Henrik.
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Is this a terrorist? Probably not - it's just a tourist breaking the law.
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A few of the hills.
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Some background information.
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The girls in one of the souvenir shops at Chocolate Hills.
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I'm not quite sure I want to know what this is...
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Tarsier monkeys.
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The same Tarsier monkeys.
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Marianne with one of the tiny fur balls.
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Laundry day.
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Look carefully at the men playing cards.
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And now - from another angle. The women sitting behind them working - 360 PHP a day... (check how much THAT is at Oanda. It's for roofing by the way.
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A little machete workshop.
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