Alona Beach 2004
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Henrik once again having a massage on the beach.
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And Remy is smiling.
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Peter and I at Oops Bar.
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Marianne, Anne, Simon and I. Well I'm not really in the picture - I look slightly distracted ;o)
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Marianne and I being very good at doing nothing in Oops Bar.
DSC00127.JPG (875 KB)
Peter and Mirasol.
DSC00130.JPG (730 KB)
'Sol once again - and the catch of the day.
DSC00131.JPG (943 KB)
Marivel antoher girl working in Oops Bar.
DSC00132.JPG (740 KB)
Simon enjoying a fish that could feed a village in Laos for a week ;o)
DSC00133.JPG (827 KB)
Ethel - yet another of the little girls working at Oops Bar.
DSC00135.JPG (758 KB)
Marivel having a pedicure and a nap AND taking care of the mobile phone ;o)
DSC05378.JPG (902 KB)
Ohhh no - I woke her - smile :D
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Show a charming kid to all these 20 year old girls and they all start looking like an alcoholic looking at a vodka bottle ;o) Well maybe not quite, but kids are VERY popular everywhere!
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Smoking (pipe in particular) and burning incense isn't that popular with the staff. Show consideration - like anywhere else.
DSC05385.JPG (875 KB)
Some of the girls at Oops Bar - all so cute and charming!
DSC05386.JPG (894 KB)
And one more time.
DSC05387.JPG (881 KB)
Simon and Peter. Hmmm... - have we been drinking a little bit?
DSC05392.JPG (841 KB)
Dörte from Berlin. A returning customer - I also met her and her boyfriend, Jens, here in Alona Beach in march 2003. And I will probably meet them again another time - I hope ;o)
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Simon at breakfast.
DSCN0598.JPG (675 KB)
The daily morning ritual - removing the leaves falling off the tree since yesterday morning.
DSCN0599.JPG (636 KB)
And this girl is TINY! Even for the Philippines I'd say. But still charming and cute like the rest of them ;o)
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