Alona Beach 2004
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At 4:45 in the morning. We're going on a morning trip to see whale sharks...
DSC00050.JPG (1 MB)
And this is the closest we ever were to see any whale sharks.
DSC00055.JPG (1 MB)
But the weather is perfect - not too sunny. But still no whale sharks.
DSC00058.JPG (1 MB)
Henrik is optimising (read = sleeping ;o)
DSC05247.JPG (627 KB)
Okay... Contingency plan - how about some dolphins instead? Well, okay - now we're here and awake (some of us) anyway.
DSC00060.JPG (1 MB)
Wauww - dolphins are pretty nice too!
DSC00065.JPG (1 MB)
More dolphins.
DSC00075.JPG (1 MB)
And more. I was in water having a desperate grip on the ladder while the boat was moving slowly with dolphins all over - quite amazing! They look much more natural in the water than we do (not that surprising I know ;o)
DSC00078.JPG (1 MB)
More dolphins. You should hear them for yourself - so noisy.
DSC00079.JPG (1 MB)
After an hour with literally hundreds of dolphins we've had enough. It's time to go back to Alona Beach to make it to the morning nap ;o)
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Morning view from my room. Charming, isn't it?
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Low tide at Alona Beach.
DSC05394.JPG (950 KB)
Well, VERY low tide.
DSC05395.JPG (962 KB)
The dive boat. A new one SHOULD be just about ready... but you know... Philippino time ;o)
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A palm tree seen from an alternative angle.
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